Andy Fyfe

Andy Fyfe is a longtime Art Nerd and Weird Stuff Enthusiast. An adventurer, traveler, gamer, costumer, LARPer, and crafter of objects, his many varied interests and passions have been a driving force behind the necessity to learn how to make things for himself and friends that would be otherwise unobtainable. He draws inspiration primarily from the natural world and the creative geniuses of bygone eras, informed by his experience as an avid outdoorsman. Before becoming a full­time Armorer and Crafter, he previously worked as a fishmonger, bookseller, landscaper, handyman, bouncer, roofer, mover, barker, and taught art at a juvenile detention facility. He currently lives in Everett, MA with his wife Barbara, son Owen, and armor cat Jenga.


Barb Fyfe


Barb Fyfe has been sewing for over a decade. She focuses on garment grade leather projects, clothing and some leather accessories. Oh, and managing the business part of this whole operation. Barb has degrees in both English and Business and an MBA. Her nerd roots include: Musical theatre, LARPing, and cosplay. She loves to travel and probably has a spreadsheet going for her next dream trip. Barb currently works for a financial services firm.