Thanks for dropping in! Welcome to SavagePunk Studio, home of the original Cat Battle Armor!

Who we are: We are your go-to for unique and finely crafted cosplay, leathercraft, and accessories. We are here to make your idea come to life. Let us help you!

Who you are: You get excited about playing dress-up. You value quality, detail, and uniqueness above all. You might be enthusiastic about cosplay, LARP, ren faires, or Halloween. Maybe you just like putting on weird stuff and strutting around. No judgment here.

What is Savagepunk? Savagepunk was originally our idea of the frontier’s response to Steampunk. It is, simply put, the art and aesthetic of fictional cultures characterized by tribal values and lifestyle, low technological development within the culture, and proximity to a separate Victorian-inspired SteamPunk culture from which more advanced artifacts may be obtained and uniquely modified.